Welcome to Harmony Health Care Institute

Harmony Health Care Institute (HHCI) is an educational institution dedicated to the goal of providing an educational opportunity to individuals of diverse backgrounds, to acquire a strong academic and technical knowledge in healthcare that is well grounded in basic skills, knowledge and attitudes. HHCI is a career training center established and operated by nurses who are passionate about nursing profession and are determined to make a positive impact through education by promoting teaching/learning process, utilizing a well structured academic curriculum that facilitates the acquisition of and development of cognitive, affective and psychomotor knowledge and skills.

HHCI is a leader in the training of healthcare professionals that offer a variety of programs that are designed specifically for adults. Virtually every aspect of all of the programs offered at HHCI were carefully designed to accommodate adults facing various challenges, that in most cases constitute obstacles in the way of an individual pursuing his or her career goals. Those challenges may include but are not limited to work, family and financial related issues. HHCI offers a carefully structured academic and guidance counseling program to support its students in achieving their individual academic goals as a foundation for lifelong learning and positive attitudes. In addition, HHCI encourages a culturally congruent and sensitive atmosphere that honors and celebrates diversity. Are you considering a career in healthcare? Are you looking for a school that is designed to accommodate most major life challenges that adults face in today’s world as they pursue their dream career? Are you looking for an opportunity to enhance your healthcare teaching career? Are you looking for a better job opportunity in an educational setting? HHCI is here to satisfy your needs.

HHCI does not discriminate in its educational programs, activities or employment practices on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, sex or persons with disabilities. HHCI is equipped with state of the art technological, educational equipments and facilities that facilitate the teaching and learning process. Faculty and staff of HHCI are made up of seasoned, experienced and well qualified professionals that are committed to seeing every single student of HHCI succeed.

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