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The HHCI Difference

HHCI is licensed postsecondary career school that is dedicated to helping adult students of diverse backgrounds achieve their health career goals. Our students and graduates share in our mission and are making a difference in the lives of patient they care for using the knowledge and skills they acquired through HHCI. Learn more…


A Career Educational Institution of Adult Learners

HHCI was established in 2006 by practicing professional nurses seeking a better way for adult learners of diverse backgrounds to be able to pursue their health career goals even as they grapple with other family and work responsibilities. This vision meant creating educational programs and learning environments that are designed specifically to account for the usual barriers adult students encounter as they strive to advance in their career or start a new one – balancing family, work and academic responsibilities. Our proven track record in educating and supporting adults of diverse backgrounds achieve their health career goals are exemplified by our growing learning community and alumni. Today, we continue to find new and innovative ways to support the unique needs of adult students like you. Our health career educational programs are developed to prepare you with basic skills, evidence-based knowledge and attitudes that are necessary for safe, ethical, and effective entry level practice in healthcare. At HHCI, we achieve these outcomes through:

> Quality career educational programs
> A concentrated faculty effort toward the selection and integration of relevant and actionable learning
> Superior student support
> Exposure to lifelong learning skills

The HHCI Learning Experience

A Student-Centered Approach to Learning

At HHCI, we have a clear understanding about how important it is to provide you with the resources and services you need to achieve your health career goals. With that understanding in mind, the health career educational experience at HHCI is centered on your unique needs as an adult student. Discover what it’s like to be a student at HHCI by:

>    Getting a view of HHCI’s physical facilities
>    Finding out how the HHCI faculty members engaged in every aspect of your learning experience
>    Exploring available student support services

Meet Your Faculty Members

HHCI faculty members focus on the success of all of our students. Our faculty members are academically and exponentially qualified in their various fields and they selected after a careful review of academic and industry credentials. HHCI faculty members possess a wide range of experiential and cultural backgrounds and excel at integrating their expertise into their instruction and guidance of students in the classroom, skills laboratory and clinical learning environments.

The HHCI Impact

Beyond the Classroom

In healthcare, most people work because they want to make a positive difference in their lives and that of others. At HHCI, our mission is to help equip those adults seeking to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others with the basic skills, evidence-based knowledge, and attitudes necessary for making such dream a reality.

Resources for New Students

What Is Expected of Me?

Pursuing a health career education as an adult with work and family responsibilities can be quite challenging. To help our newly enrolled students get started, at HHCI we offer a fifteen hours Student Readiness Orientation Program offered over a five day period. Through this orientation program, we introduce you to HHCI’s learning environment, school and program policies, support resources as well as provide you with the learning materials you will need to start in your program of study. This orientation period will be your first interaction with our Student Support Team (other than the staff members in the admissions department), which provides technical and administrative assistance to students as they go through their education at HHCI.

Learn more about how HHCI supports you in our health career educational programs. Request for information or call 1-844-829-4938.