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Student Support

At HHCI, our goal is to help you reach yours. From your first inquiry about available career educational programs, through every step in your studies, you can benefit from our wide range of student support services designed to help you succeed in attaining your certificate/diploma.

Personal Advising Services

Receive personal attention from our enrollment, financial aid, academic advisors, and other support service professionals to make the most of your career education program.

Our dedicated team of advisors offers responsive and reliable assistance at every stage of your career educational experience at HHCI.

• Discuss your educational goals with the admissions personnel. As your primary contact at HHCI, the admissions personnel can provide key information about the school, discuss certificate/diploma options with you, and help you discover the advantages of pursuing your career education at HHCI. Contact the admissions office at: info@harmony-health.org or call 1-603-886-0822 to speak with admissions personnel and learn more about admission requirements, transfer of credit, and more.
• Before you enroll, financial aid advisors can help you identify and apply for financial resources to help fund your education. Contact the business office at info@harmony-health.org or call 1-603-886-0822 to learn more on financing your career education at HHCI.
• As an enrolled student, you’ll have access to a team of academic advisors who can help you track your academic progress and answer questions regarding academic policies and programs.
• An academic advocate or the coordinator of student support services is available to address any concerns that may arise during your time as a student at HHCI.

Find out what our career education community can offer you. Request for information or speak with an admission personnel at: info@harmony-health.org or call 1-603-886-0822.

Career Support Services

Get the support services you need from our Career Support Services to succeed in your program now and even after graduation.

You don’t have to wait until graduation to start preparing for the next stage of your career when you enroll in a career certificate/diploma program at HHCI. Through our Career Support Services, we provide personal, one-on-one support, as well as a portfolio of online tools and resources that address how to:

• Search for a new job.
• Explore career options in your field.
• Build a stronger professional network and brand.
• Revise your résumé or curriculum vitae.
• Prepare for job interviews

In addition to providing you with individualized career support services, our Career Services team offers practical tools that you can use at your convenience, including:

• Professional assessments that identify your interests and skills.
• Listings of online job opportunities and professional associations.
• Tips on how to write effective résumés and cover letters.
• Strategies for conducting strong interviews and building your networks.
• Guidance on evaluating job offers and negotiating your salary.

Learning Resource Support Services

HHCI provides learning resources to serve the learning needs of the student body through its learning resource system.   The learning resource system holdings are comprised of physical (texts, journals, etc.) and electronic (audio-visual learning aids, web-based resources, etc.) resources that are available through the library, computer laboratory, skills laboratory, and web-based resources. To assure that students are able to use all available resource holdings in HHCI’s learning resource system, students are provided with support (including individual and/or group training) in accessing and using learning resources (physical and electronic). The holdings of the learning resource system will be readily accessible to the students in accordance with their needs.  Resources will be sufficient to support the student population. Resources will be updated in a timely fashion as necessary to maintain current information and will be maintained securely to minimize loss or mishandling. Orientation, training and timely assistance concerning the learning resource system components will be provided to students to support career certificate/diploma program learning objectives.

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Technical Assistance Services

Study worry-free, knowing you have access to technical support from our Student Support Team.

If you ever need extra support as you earn your certificate/diploma in career education, you can rely on our Student Support Team. Our team members and partners are dedicated to making your experience both productive and rewarding. They serve as your personal guides to learning in a career educational environment, offering:

• A comprehensive new student orientation program that introduces you to HHCI, the career educational program for which you are enrolled and the career educational learning environment.
• Technical support during school hours (Monday through Friday - 8:00 am- 5:00 pm). Technical support is also available after school hours through our partners, but is limited to only web-based programs (i.e., Assessment Technologies Institute’s Comprehensive assessment and Review Program, etc.).
• Assistance in locating textbooks, assignments, and other learning materials essential to your studies.
• Support in accessing other HHCI student learning resources.

Fundamental Skills Support Services

Refresh or sharpen your skills in basic math, basic medical terminology, and more with the support from our remedial program, student success courses, tutoring, and other support services.

Whether you’ve been away from the classroom and need to refresh your skills or simply want to improve your work in a certain area, HHCI can help. We offer personalized support and tutoring services as well as tools and courses to help you succeed.

Student Tutoring

Refresh your skills or get support in a new subject area with free tutoring for certificate/diploma students. Our members of faculty are committed to the success of our students and are therefore available to work one-on-one with students in need of tutoring to address identified learning needs.  Students wishing to take advantage of this opportunity can do so by making appointment the appropriate faculty member. Students also have access to support tools such as the ATI Comprehensive Assessment and Review Program.

Competency Skills Development Seminar

Students are provided with an opportunity to acquire or brush-up on basic academic skills such as study skills, test taking skills, stress management skills, English-as-a-second language support, among other skills necessary for success in the educational program.

Licensure Examination preparatory Support

Licensure examination (e.g., NCLEX) preparatory program is available to support students enrolled in career certificate/diploma programs that require graduates to seat for and pass state board’s licensure examination in order to obtain licensure. This program is comprised of three parts:

ATI Comprehensive Assessment and Review Program – this program is integrated throughout the curriculum of the Licensed Practical Nursing program. This program is designed to support the preparation of students for the licensure examination right from the beginning of student enrollment in the Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) Program.
NCLEX-PN Examination Preparatory Seminar – in the last session of the Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) Program, students are required to participate in a multisession NCLEX-PN examination preparatory seminar designed to address any identified learning gaps (based on NCLEX-PN test plan) of the students prior to their graduation.
End of Program NCLEX-PN Workshop - The Nursing Program Faculty offers a one-day live NCLEX-PN review workshop three times annually (May, September, December), at the end of each LPN program class. This NCLEX-PN review workshop is designed to further support the nursing program graduates preparation for the NCLEX-PN exam prior to their first attempt. This end-of-program NCLEX-PN review workshop is an additional support service that is available to all graduates of the nursing program.

Disability Services

Overcome barriers to earning your career certificate/diploma with our Disability Support Services.

We strive to offer broad access to our career certificate/diploma education and provide a seamless experience for our students with disabilities.

HHCI offers several types of assistance, including:

• Granting qualified students extra time to complete assignments and tests.
• Providing private room for testing.
• Offering course materials in alternative formats, including enlarged text.

Find out what our career education community can offer you. Request for information or speak with an admission personnel at: info@harmony-health.org or call 1-603-886-0822.